Hundertwasser Art

Kia Ora. This SLJ activity is called Hundertwasser Art.  Hundertwasser Art is an art that formed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser which made of different wavy lines, spirals… For this activity we have to make our own Hundertwasser Art using Google draw or pen and paper. I chose to use paper and pens because I thought it would be easier. Also we have to create the art by including 4 techniques that Friedensreich Hundertwasser often uses, lollipop trees, onion domes, raindrops and no straight lines because Friedensreich Hundertwasser felt straight lines were ungodly. My favourite part of this activity was colouring the image with different colours but one thing I thought hard was drawing the lollipop tree’s texture.


Here is my Art:


14 thoughts on “Hundertwasser Art

  1. Hi Jack, it is great to see you have started on your Summer Learning Journey. I enjoyed reading your post especially about the techniques of Hundertwasser that you used for your drawing. I can really tell the difference between them in your drawing and it will make me more aware in the future when I see his art so thank you.
    I can’t wait to read what activity you choose to do next.

    1. Kia Ora Gina, thank you for commenting on my blog post, I miss you so much. How are you doing down there in Southland?

      1. Wow Jack you made me sad and happy all in that one sentence. I miss you to especially when you challenge me in math.
        The South Island is definitley cooler but it has been great so far being able to catch up with my family. I hope you are enjoying your holidays.
        Well done for signing on to the Summer Learning Journey and completing some posts you are doing an awesome job.

  2. Kia ora Jack,
    I really enjoyed this blog post. I like how you decided to use pen and paper as I feel this has helped you embrace the type of art that Hundertwasser portraits. I also liked the colors you used as they resemble the colors he uses. I didn’t know the names of the shapes as well so thanks for teaching me something new.
    If you were to do this activity again what would you change? Keep up the bright and enjoyable blog posts. Ka mau te wehi
    Whaea Ronnie

    1. Kia Ora Whaea Ronnie thank you for commenting on my SLJ blog post. If I get a chance to do this activity again I would practise and make my lollipop tree’s texture better. Oh and have a great holiday.

  3. Kia ora Jack,

    It’s Simon here again from the Summer Learning Journey team. Great work on finishing this Summer Learning Journey task! You must be quite artistic because this drawing looks fantastic. Tino pai!

    After looking through your Summer Learning Journey posts I can tell that you are quite creative! Do you draw much in your spare time? I quite like the onion shaped domes on the buildings. It reminds me of Lobnoye Mesto in the Red Square, Moscow. The colours are quite fun and imaginative too. What would you title your piece of art?

    I can’t wait to see what activity you choose next.

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

  4. Kia ora Jack, my name is Leata from Pt England School. I REALLY LOVE your art, did it took you some time on your art cause it looks like you put a lot of time on that. Also, I like the colours you pick for your art. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

    – Leata RM8

  5. Bula Vinaka Jack!

    I really like your art! My favourite piece of your art is probably the onion domes. They just look so right. I love all the colours you added. I like the way you laid everything out. I really like the way the lollipop trees all spiral in together.

    Do you enjoy art? Do you think you would do this again, if yes, what would you change?

    – Karolina @ Hay Park

    1. Kia Ora Karolina

      thanks for commenting on my blog post, I enjoyed doing the arts, how about you? Have a great holiday.


  6. Hi Jack, I really like your artwork and how detailed it is, it is almost like Hundertwasser’s real art work. How long did this take you to make?

    Great Work


    1. Kia Ora Helena, This piece of art took me about 10 minutes to plan, 30 minutes to scratch and 10 minutes to colour in. Have a great holiday


  7. Talofa Lava Jack, Dayelle here from Owairaka Primary School.

    I like that your picture is colourful & decorative 💐
    This reminds me of when my class and I made Hundertwasser art! (Unfortunetly I don’t have a photo 😔)
    Next time maybe you could add hidden faces in the big circles or write “Save the (whatever is in your picture)”

    How did you get such a good picture, could you give me some tips?
    Did you crop it?


    1. Kia Ora Dayelle. Thank you for your comments and feedback. To take a good photo you just have to go to your Chromebook camera and choose scan-document and it would highlight the picture you want it self automatically, but if there is any background you didn’t want you could go to “” to remove the background you didn’t want.


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