Artistic Maths-Pursuit square

Kia Ora. This SLJ activity is called Artistic Maths. For this activity we have to create a Pursuit square out of a Google drawing’s poly-lines. What we have to do is keep making the size of squares until you can’t make anymore squares. After that we get to put on some colours, I chose yellow, orange and green because these 3 are my favourite colours( PS. especially yellow). one thing I thought was hard was trying to make the same distance for each gap on each side.


Have you ever seen or made a Pursuit square before?


Here is my Pursuit square:


5 thoughts on “Artistic Maths-Pursuit square

  1. Hi Jack,

    It’s Emma here, a blog commenter from the Summer Learning Journey.
    Wow, this looks like so much fun and I can see you must have spent a long time working on it. It looks fab!

    The colour combination you have chosen works perfectly and creates a vibrant and eye-catching piece of art. The optical illusion you have created make it appear 3 dimensional, I’m impressed! It actually reminds me of a cyclone ice lolly! Have you had one of those before? They are my favourite on a hot summers day, although we haven’t been having many of those lately. Whats your favourite ice-cream or ice lolly?

    What did you find most challenging about this activity. Getting the lines spaced out perfectly looks like it would have been tricky!

    Thanks for sharing an awesome piece of artwork Jack.

    Emma – SLJ

  2. Hi Jack, your posts are showing your love of maths which is great to see. This pattern is very hard to stare at for a long time it made me feel dizzy. The colours are a very good choice as they add a good visual impact.
    I had to look up the meaning of a pursuit curve as I had never heard that term before, it was very interesting. Do you know what it is?

  3. Kia ora Jack,
    I like the visual effect of your mahi. The colors are also eye popping as well. I have seen this before but in a hanging mobile. The mobiles ‘m describing are made out of wood and hang outdoors. I was wondering why you like yellow? and have you seen the mobiles I’m trying to describe before? I’m looking forward to your next blog post (another cool mathematical one maybe?). Keep up the visually impressive blog posts. Ka mau te wehi
    Whaea Ronnie

  4. Bula Vinaka Jack

    Wow this was really impressive! It looks super cool and I really like how it looks 3D. How long did this take for you to make? The colours that you added go together really nicely. Your work seems so cool, would you do this activity again? If yes what would you change?

    – Karolina @ hay park

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